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Smart City Hackathon


Smart City Hackathon

Katie Monkhouse

The 1st Smart City Hackathon was a success! Within 4 hours 10 participants developed a software to measure, record, visualize and analyze the room air quality. The results of the Hackathon is available on

The initial situation had 2 Libelium sensors which measured humidity, temperature, noise, CO2 and chemical alcohols in the air and made them available through a web interface. Goal was to develop a software which relates the concentration and tiredness of students within a lecture hall to air quality so that lecturers have an objective measure if the air is appropriate for learning.

At the beginning the participants split into 3 teams. The first team recorded the sensor data in a database. The second team visualized the sensor data on a web page. The third team made a statistical analysis to relate air quality to tiredness. Experienced programmers supported beginners, so that everyone made progress with the same speed creating an engaged and fun atmosphere.
Oliver, Christian and Fernando, as well as The Urban Institute and Telecooperation thank the participants for the great result and that they made the Hackathon such a success. After many inquiries we will organize the 2nd Smart City Hackathon in January after the semester break. The exact date will be announced after we got a room.